Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency. No one controls it in the way that governments control their own fiat currency. It is created and secured by predefined mathematical rules. You don’t have to know the technical details of how it works in order to use it or make money with it, but if you are interested in learning more we plan to post guides on our blog detailing how it works.

What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

A bitcoin faucet is a website or app that gives out satoshis at predefined intervals in order to incentivize return visitors.

What is a Satoshi?

A satoshi is the smallest fractional bitcoin unit (0.00000001 BTC). With bitcoin valued in the $100s to $1,000s USD, even small fractions of a bitcoin can be valuable. Most bitcoin faucets use satoshis as a unit of measure since they are giving out small amounts of bitcoin at a time, but those small amounts can accumulate to larger amounts over time.

Why are you giving away Bitcoins for free?

We make a small profit from the ads and referrals from this website. So, the more people visit the more we profit and the more we are able give out even more free bitcoins! It is a form of profit sharing. We are also big believers in the future of bitcoin, so getting more people involved in the bitcoin ecosystem indirectly benefits everyone who already uses bitcoin. It’s a win-win situation.